Sunday, 29 April 2007

evil and emo, sleeping in class
zhiguang is just evil...

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hey everyone,

dont have much time to talk cock here. haha. been sleeping yesterday and the whole of today until now. i gotta start studying for chemistry...havent started yet. anyway, juz a reminder for everyone, bring home clothes tomorrow so that we can go celebrate zhiguang's and weelic's birthday after combined sports meet =)

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Friday, 27 April 2007

Woohoo finally i get some nice sleep.

But tmr still have training and commserve. woots... nice life i have. Sleep takes up 25%, eating 5%, school-related stuff 70%, free time 0%, play time 0%.

And, if i'm being an idiot or a nuisance to anyone PLEASE TELL ME. I'm open. Just dont go around disliking me behind my back.

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why is it that only shu liang seems high these days...

honestly, our class is very sien... everyone is very busy, and esp term 2, where everyone gets spammed by competitions... so.. good luck to all those involved!! and not to mention the upcoming tests... chem on 2nd, bio on 7th. my bio notes on cell structure part I are with kai xian now... those who are lazy to read the 50 page notes can get the 16 page version from him and photocopy... please treat them with care.. took me 3 days to make them.. lol

actually, for bio i seriously think the best way to study is to make ur own notes, and i mean notes, not plain copying. try to summarise the notes as much as possible, and in the meantime try to fully understand them. then... after some time, the stuff that you are familiar enough can be left out, so your notes get lesser and lesser over time, and this greatly reduces the effort required if u need to study that topic again..

honestly speaking, i am very happy for those who decided to make their own notes instead of using mine. as the old saying goes... give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and he can feed himself forever. jiayou for your efforts!! and don't just make notes for the sake of tests or exams, make them a part of your learning!! and i also realised, not everyone has the same learning style, so by making your own notes you can benefit fully from them. keep up the good work!! =)

but seriously, dont be afraid to ask questions, especially if u really dont understand something. better correct the mistake now than to learn the wrong things. and seriously, dont be afraid to hold me back if u need help.... im more than happy to help out... dont force urself to study alone if u really cant understand or have problems understanding....

i want to apologize to some people in our class.... especially if i have daoed u these days... sometimes im just tired and stressed, and i dont mean any offense at all...

sianz... i guess everyone's schedule is being fully occupied by now... so many of us end school at sunset, and by the time we get home its dark. then at night still need to study, do vbc, study, study, study, and these days i end so late i have no dinner to eat in boarding school (doesnt really matter, since the food sucks), so im surviving on instant noodles for dinner.

im being so random~... this is the 4th consecutive day of 1am sleep -> 6am wake up. i seriously wonder how to remember all the biological processes and intermediates. i just hate memorising without knowing the concept behind, and its just plain funny why do u have to turn the glucose into so many funny stuff before u can make atp. and worse still.... its just the transfer of phosphate groups from one substance to another, and this makes glucose seem like an intermediate itself. photosynthesis is no different. PS II -> plastoquinone -> cytochrome complex -> plastocyanin -> PS I -> ferredoxin.

actually these just makes me marvel at life itself. although they seem to be just molecules arranged in an orderly fashion, the efficiency of the system is just plain amazing. every molecule is fully utilised, such that no energy is wasted. and why do molecules seek to reproduce themselves in a similar fashion, via mitosis, meiosis, or reproduction. is there something to this mystery? lol.. should leave this to the KI people.

really sad for kai xian... the feeling of playing against an ex-teammate is quite hard to swallow. especially if they run away with the trainings. that is plain horrible.. knowing how your entire team plays, and they already have the 知彼知己 advantage. still...... treat this as a learning opportunity.... theres 1 more year left. jiayou and train hard!! dont give up!! transform your weaknesses into your strengths, and use this as a source of motivation. aim high, and especially since u are at a disadvantaged position, all the more put in your fullest effort!! do us proud next year!! HWACHONG JIAYOU!! believe in yourself, and your team, and believe that you all can do it as a team!!

congrats to helen and kelvin and everyone from MAD for gold with hons!! one of my friends said that it was so good that he cried. personally i have only cried to movies or music, seldom books since i dont read fiction, but this is the first time i hear someone who can cry to a dance. thats simply amazing!!!

mrs cheng is still on mc..... get well soon!!! we all miss bio lessons. and monday was like 3 hours of break followed by 4 hours of lessons.... haiz.. wednesdays prac was just like exam conditions...

i really hope our class can integrate well with each other.... some people are just left out. just because some people are more introverted that others doesnt mean that we shouldnt take the initiative to make them feel appreciated. and in the process... the sad fact is that our life is still largely result oriented, and especially for some people who are slow learners... plus the rather inefficient way of lecturing... so the result is endless time spent on self studying. some people place more value on studies than others, but it doesnt really matter. what really matters is the value of the person itself, not what the person does.

in fact, i dont remember us having a photo with all 24 people inside it.

and not one outing with all 24 ppl.

it may seem hard, but these 2 years (or 1 year 8 months 1 week left) shouldnt just be wasted like that. treasure all the time you have. it is time well spent that buys happiness, not money (wrote that for gp.. lols).

Last but not least.... Happy Birthday Zhi Guang!!!

Cheers, JJ

- I'm very sorry for being dao.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

hey everyone,

hwachong squash lost the semis. we can only settle for 3rd place now. we have been defeated quite a couple of times coz my batch n my senior batch, both only managed to clinch the much coveted championships when we were sec 2, the two consecutive c div golds that we got. but after those two glorious years, neither batch has seen a gold. and yet again, a gold has eluded us. all of us will most probably graduate without being able to see another gold again. sigh. how much we desire to lift that challenge trophy after for so many years.
today totally sucked. we got a horrible line up. i felt terrible when the line up came up coz i was partly responsible for picking that line up. when we lost the last match, it was by a narrow margin. we only lost to rj by 1 player, 2-3. almost every girl in the team was in tears, my seniors disappeared to emo, we had to start conducting searches for our own teammates to console them.
sigh. it was terrible. despite so many years of defeat at the finals, i have never seen so many people emo at once. and it didnt help at all that rjc won coz of the dsa people. 3 of their players won us while we won 2 of their players. the two that we won were ex-ri people. from the 3, one dsa-ed from acsi while the other two, was sadly ex-hci. my ex-teammates. people who i had trained with, through thick and thin, and after 4 years of investment by my coach, these two b**tards dsa-ed to rj.
i admit i am pissed off with them and i am not only talking terms with both of them now. my best friend in the team was totally upset after he lost the deciding match to our ex-teammate. i am starting to wonder how it feels to dsa to another school and play for them, beating your ex-team especially when you are instrumental to their defeat. i am not trying to assume some moral high ground here. i have no right to decide whether what they did was right or wrong. in fact, i dont believe that there is a right or wrong. but i simply wonder, how is it like to beat the people you trained with for 4 years juz for people you barely know after 4 months. if those two felt great after beating us, i rather not have such people in the team. but if they had any conscience left, they would at least be guilty inside. how could they do this to a school and a team which has contributed so much to their development in secondary school.
i admit. i am bitter about our defeat. but that is simply becoz i keep imaging how perfect things would be if they hadnt changed schools. those days and memories we had together as a team no longer matter now. i just have no idea how i am gonna face them next year when i play for the team. and its sad to already confirm our defeat to rj next year. its totally impossible to defeat them when our team is so weak. this year was our last chance. and we blew it. sigh =(

Life is a roller coaster, and you never know when it is going to take a turn.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

i visited my best friend's livejournal today. she was v emo, and v tired, and as i read her entry my heart went out to her. she is a great person, the most altruistic soul i have ever encountered, and i feel thankful to have her as a friend. she doesnt deserve being ill treated, doesnt deserve being taken advantage of, doesnt deserve to be so exhausted and helpless. my friend is in a bad state, and my heart feels heavy too.

i have to admit that jc is a weird time. i dun think it is a natural awkwardness that everyone feels during the transition from acny teen to adulthood, i dunno whats wrong with me too, i never tried harder but what i get in return are so meagre. oh well. studies. relationships. hahaz. what can i say? life feels esp bumpy nowadays. i m overwhelmed with fatigue and feel so aged, feeling that hollow of fear in my stomach that has become so familiar. i dun expect u to notice, to perceive my insecurity behind that incandescent smile, to see that shadow of uncertainty hovering around the edges of my smile.

to see that maybe sometimes i smile because i dun want people to see how pensive my eyes actually are.

sometimes i wonder too what i m living 4. why i bother 2 try. why i try to do e best i can since i dont believe in reincarnation or retribution anyway. close ur eyes, and its all over. e temptation is there, i admit. i m emo cos i feel inadequate. that i m becoming increasingly further from what i want in life with every step i take, stranded in e midst of a pool of murk. who can i turn to, seriously? do i even bother? i m so tired, i dozed off while holding e 10kg rifle in shooting.

i told my friend that just this once, i cant say anything to comfort u, because like u, i m hoping that things will take a better path. because i deserve it for trying, and she deserves it for for being such a good person.

i told her not to worry, whilst i m desperately trying to believe myself too.


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Guitar rox, the sound of guitar is sooo smoothing, and it feel calm and nice when u strum it. Tho harmonica rox more!! haha. Good way to release emo energy. When I have an isntrument with me, I won't feel lonely, cos its like another me with me, yay, haha.

Anyway, heres me today:

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hey everyone, (disclaimer: long post)

i am suddenly inspired to post because i juz finished reading our senior class blog. the two latest post there basically debunks and discusses the issues and reasons why hc is facing a lack of school spirit.
since i was in high school, this problem has been rather evident. for example, the high school would cheer our guts out for our athletes during any competition. my personal experiences had been at the track and field finals and the squash finals. last year, the b div finals was simply remarkable. one of our players was facing a national team player and it was with certainty that our player would face defeat. however, the immense cheering during the 3rd set of that match allowed my teammate to win the acs player and go on to the 4th set too although he lost the 5th. but the important thing was i saw the power of cheering. it was intimidating that day. our hci supporters were on their feet cheering for every shot that the ac guy screwed up and for every shot that my senior won the point. despite being a national player, that guy stumbled. on the other hand, sitting right next to us were the ac supporters who looked at us as if we were freaks coz they were sitting down as usual, posing like they always do. only their prefects cheered the heart out for their team. it lead me to feel how incredible hci is. even though the supporters didnt even know the name of the player in the court, they juz cheered like crazy for him simply because he was part of our hwachong family.
the previous blog post in our senior's blog mentioned that "Hwa Chong Institution" is simply "incorporating The Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College". "mere incorporation, not integration." it was also cited in the post that some of the main reasons of this problem was due to the excessive red tape in hci college as compared to hci high school. having studied and studying in both systems, i have to concede that the high school has a superior system as compared to the college coz the administration there is much more open and receptive to ideas from our own students. although i have only studied in the college for around 4 months, the amount of red tape and the obligation to always do what is politically correct so that the higher ups will not frown upon our actions, is immense. this, i feel, has greatly impeded the development of real talent and capabilities in the college. for example, i chose not to run for council simple because of the terrible load of obligations and rules i have to observe as a councillor of the college council. it has nothing to do with sai kang or not. seriously. the amount of sai kang i did in high school is nothing you guys can imagine as i was at the bottom of the hierarchy for 3 years as compared to more capable councillors like yuanchang and zhiguang . but at least i didnt feel stifled or restrained. at least the sai kang didnt felt meaningless. even during the council elections, candidates had to be briefed on what they can say and what they cannot say. this is so stupid. the whole event then becomes a well orchestrated drama instead. this is the main reason why people feel the elections are rigged. simply because of the interference and influence the administration has and not the integrity of elections committee.
however, i feel that the merger is not without its advantages. the main advantages is that i am still in hwachong, the school which i so dearly love, the school which i am greatly indebted too. i also get to study in the same institution with all my friends for at least the next two years before we all take on our separate paths. i am thankful to ip too for the amount of time it freed up for students like me who simply cannot thrive or live in a system which is obsessed with preparation for a single exam. it has given me research work, sabbaticals, council, classmates, cca, exchange programmes, attachment programmes, internships, field trips, service learning projects. how am i suppose to repay this programme in a manner most fitting? by becoming the best product of this process =)

Knowledge is power only if applied with insight

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Monday, 23 April 2007

Well, Sam is going to US colorado....wish he have fun during his skiing holiday...meanwhile we'll need to work on chem tutorial sessions on our own...haix, why like that? now dunno what to do...test so near....on my b'day somemore...but haha this is very random...
he can "repay" us later by buying the whole class presents! =) Anyway, just wish him a safe trip...and do remember the following tips when flying

1. Wear slippers to the airport.
2. Don't bring so much liquid detergent/soap/weird fluid things.
3. No need to bring too much water on board, ask the flight attendants.
4. Prepare for jet lag on long flights across timezones, mentally.
5. Bon voyage!! Have a happy holiday, don't think about students...
6. But remember to buy them presents before leaving for Singapore.

THANKS!!! muhahahx ^^

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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Shuliang here.

Since I am bored and don't feel like doing homework, I shall write a short post about my personal life. Don't worry, no long-winded essays here.

I was out the whole day today, kayaking for my one-star kayaking cert. Had to do it because I missed half a day of the course I took during YLTC (OAC camp), though I received the cert by mistake, maybe someone helped me tick my name against the attendance =/. Anyway, I got darker, hopefully darker than jinx after all his tennis, and sunburnt, yep, and I got two certs!

Yesterday was YL nite, (OAC again) spent the whole day preparing and organising for it, quite hectic. Definitely one of the funnest moments of my life, everyone getting together senior and junior while we roll out our well planned programme, wee.

Okay short and sweet. By the way MRS CHENG if you read this, I'm really sorry for bugging you on friday, wasn't thinking clearly, kinda just freaked out when I realised the timing... However, I do feel that the school should know that students have quite packed schedules and that changing the timing of an event they signed up for should come with a revision of who's going or not. It's quite sad that I couldn't go with you guys too.

Okay okay, short post..

Harmonica auditions next friday, look forward to me playing in class, signing off. sL =p

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Saturday, 21 April 2007

hey everyone

had great fun yesterday even though a terrible headache plagued me the entire day. woke up around an hour ago. went to sleep 12 hours ago. haha. went home ytd, bathed, and slept all the way through till this morning. at least my headache is gone now. got a terrible neckache though. X)
after yesterday, i felt really privileged to be in Hwa Chong and the smartest thing i did in my entire life was not going to ri even though my dad wanted me to. i feel really lucky coz not many schools are as well off as us, thus they dont have stuff like research labs. many people dont see the research labs unless they go out for attachments to places like imcb or nus, while i have been exposed to it since sec 2. hence i get pretty irritated by people who take our school for granted. they dont see the amount of effort the school puts into nurturing students like us. the worst type of people are those who are in the integrated programme but decided to dsa to other jc. its a terrible waste of resources on these people especially when the school pays so much to ensure that our ip remains the best and the most successful. ingrates.
also, the school is willing to arrange and sponsor meaningful trips like the one we just had ytd at kkh. i seriously felt that the 2 hours there was very productive and not only did i learn a lot of new things, but i also learnt stuff which we will never learn in school like how a sperm bank works and the general nature of work of embryologists.

2 thumbs up to stp enrichment classes like ytd =)
thanks to mrs cheng and mr koh =)

The power of knowledge is useful only when the person possessing it has the greater power of compassion

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Friday, 20 April 2007

Hi guys,

Whee!!! Class outing was so fun!!! and enriching!!!! I mean how often do you get a chance to go down and watch an omni-theatre movie as a class? And visit a sperm bank! haha dun u think its interesting! too bad chaotong, kelvin, helen, alycia, cao lei, shuliang couldn't join us!

Haha kind of agree with Kai Xian that our class is very special. We dun have specific cliques but just bonds together v well as a class :). 7E is a special class, and I really think I am lucky to spend my last 2 years in JC with yall!

Must really thank Mr Koh for not including Mathematics during the STP selection test, otherwise I am quite sure I would prob be in some other random class :p!

Anyway I managed to get hold of a photo of us during the research symposium. Although its not really a class photo, but I think i'll just post it up la. Quite sad that the bowei, peggy, bixuan, helen, kelvin and cao lei weren;t there with us.

I have to go do my stuff liao! enjoy your weekend!

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i'm blogging:)
We went to the science centre today, and honestly The Human Body was quite nice. Only i got dizzy during the show. It was fun to watch the show with little kids, because then you had license to be childish... Kai xian, don't YOU agree?(: Except now i have decided that i will not be a primary school teacher... I can manage a handful of kids, but 40 is seriously overkill.
I've learnt alot about people, in these three months in JC. We humans are complex creatures, don't you think? You can never ever know enough of them, because they come in so many different kinds. I wish I could love them all, and I will try, but sometimes my soul feels harrowed by certain people. Yet I know that deep inside them is something to be admired, to be loved, to be trusted, and I want to find that gem inside them. I hope i have the patience to do so.
I think our class rocks. There are so many different people, and sure, we have our little circles of friends. But those circles of friends are fluid... We can shift around, and mingle and mix. We aren't hydrophobic and hydrophilic. And I really feel inspired to work hard. Not pressured, though. Our class is that happy equilibrium between mugness and slackness, with each of us taking turns to diffuse across from time to time, thus maintaining the equilibrium:D i think i used the terms wrongly, but doesn't it create such pretty imagery? Imagine all of us little molecule things, floating around...
Heeps. enough of my ramblings!

-alycia aka ME. wahaha.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Hi everyone!!!

Havent posted for a really long time... my room was upgrading the internet connection so it was down for a few days....

Life these few days: work work work. To quote Chao Tong: "Got some people whole day just mug and mug, these type of ppl arh, no life one, can just die off lo". Haha jk.... but seriously, my life is super sien... everyday is like playing back a recording...... sleep eat study sleep.......

Ok la.. JC life still has fun parts, like the DARLING molecular model set (why is it named like that?). Had a horrible failure trying to make a glucose molecule haha...

But then, our class response is quite cold for many things leh.... The choir concert only 3 ppl going.... And who wants to go for OCIP Africa.. its very nice lo... 2 weeks in Zambia, which is quite good... theres proper food and accomodation and can even use internet connection in cyber cafes... pls dun despise Africa ok? And I seriously think the experience is worthwhile... as the work we do will mainly be in the schools, and due to the high birth rate of around 7-8 per family, there will be many many little kids around. Leave your bed of roses, cross the boundaries, and make a difference. And the price is not that bad, around $2500, and they are trying to find external sponsors to subsidise the price..

Anyway, good luck to Esmond for tramp competition... and to everyone taking Econs for the lecture quiz tmr.. jiayou!!!! And I feel so bad, pon so many taekwondo sessions then today just zham and got selected for competition.. ^^

Study hard, and take care!


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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Had our funnest STP session yesterday when our chem tut was replaced with a chance to handle the whatever whatever model set for organic chem bonding. and all e sets r new too!! so we get to first blood them, whatever.

Anyway, life has been busy and screwed, but to all emokids out there, LIFE IS ONLY FUN WHEN ITS BUSY AND SCREWED, so enjoy it while you can, rah!

SHULIANG -07S7Emo -seldom blogger

edit: it's the DARLING model set

benzene ring

carbon tail


all e shapes

the set

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Monday, 16 April 2007

oh man. today is such a horrible day. *monday blues*
i realise that you guys rarely blog. it seems like the class blog has turned into my blog -.-
first thing first. i am gonna fail maths. nobody believes me that i left the first 3 questions blank and only did the 4th question and half of the 5th and 6th question
*today is an emo day. do da do da*
secondly, neither me or bowei got into cip exco. i wasnt having such high hopes for this though coz more than 70 people applied but they had like only 10-15 vacancies.
thirdly, the squash team most important match against rjc clashes with a meeting i have on the 25th and the nus mentor cant reschedule it on any other day so i gotta miss the match. wadeva
argh. today just sucks man. ranks 10/10 on the horribility scale [see, i cant wait to fail gp too]
having a splitting headache now too. great

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so that they can see that it is not the answer

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Sunday, 15 April 2007


Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

Last week was super tiring for me. had so many (briefings rehearsals modules) things on in the afternoon and night trainings. So for a lot of times during tutorials or lectures i was physically there but my mind on screen saver mode. sorry for being so blur :)

Competition is this week so i might be missing in action for a few days.
I hope I do well for the school...



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Wednesday, 11 April 2007 damn tired now. gp compre was gay today. like wtf. anyway i think we are all gonna die on the 2nd of may except for some people. haha. bio and chem lecture test on the same day. gg...
maths test next week. gg again. anyone wanna save me?

sharing your sorrows just doubles it

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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

ok. i shall complain! haha. i was ganged up against and bullied today at the class bench after pw =(
how could they [those evil people who bullied me] bear to bully someone like me! i am so innocent ok...hahaha...only my twin brother yunsong was on my side! XD. AND i am not the only scandalous one la come on. lol. i just realised today that a couple of people in our class pretty good at spreading scandals too. X)
talking to my friend who is studying in canada now. lol. he just showed me a picture of himself. like WTH. his hair is super long. apparently he hasnt cut his hair since the last time he cut it in singapore last year in july -.- so you can kinda guess how long it
oh man. i am so dead for pw. my pi sucks sucks sucks. die die die. i need bowei or cao lei to help me man. still trying to figure out how they wrote a 1000 words -.-
still sick btw... =(

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Monday, 9 April 2007

thx kaixian...

and congrats to all those in chem O!!!

And now, I declare that VBC has failed again. Stupid bugs. First was the crisis of perfectly inelastic demand in 2005, where people are willing and able to buy petrol at $1000 per barrel. (The starting price is $60). This year comes the year of the perfectly linear supply curve and infinite supply, where the prices of materials can rise tenfold.

And now the server crashed. No more VBC for now.
Ok. Calm down. Everyone makes mistakes. So I shouldnt blame anyone for this anyway. We still have to thank the organisers for their effort in creating these events for us.

PW grouping released tmr.... And its totally random, so no point guessing or trying to predict them. Wish everyone good luck and that they can hopefully get the team members of their choice, since PW is a serious issue...

Anyway.... good luck for the upcoming Maths lecture test, and the sports day for all those participating... really sad my afternoons are packed, but I'll go down and support when I'm free =)

Study hard, and take care!


Junjie says lets mug at 11:08 pm

congrats to
cao lei
chao tong
bin sheng
for getting into chem olympiad. this means my ears finally get some rest as chao tong will stop whining 24/7
hmm...i feel like not going to school tomorrow but i just think of all the stuff i will be missing and i know i gotta go somehow. too bad its not wednesday or thursday. haha. bet you guys know which lesson i definitely dont mind skipping on these two days to skip school.
cant wait to find out what the groupings for pw is. i hope no one gets a screwed group and everyone enjoys working with the people in their team =)
the srp professor which i sent my write up too has yet to reply me even though i sent her the email on how how. damn scared i get kicked out of srp. also, i wonder if i should take srp as h3 or not...coz i think taking h1 econs is very dumb, just to take 2 i really wished i was in ki then i could take 2h3s AND 4h2s...sigh...biggest regret ever is not getting into i am stuck in this dilemma...zzz

It is easy to be swayed by those we trust

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Sunday, 8 April 2007

hey everyone

feeling much better now. i pray hope that there wont be any surprise test tomorrow. might die of a heart attack if there is one. i am so behind for maths. good luck to myself...haha. maybe i should get junjie to start tutoring
anyway, my thai friend is at my house now. he just arrived in the evening. he is gonna be living with me for the next month. feeling a bit guilty coz i know i dont have much time for him.
kinda worried for srp. havent received any mail from the professors since friday. maybe its coz this is the weekend and no one reads their mails on the weekends. haha. trying to think positively here. X)
having problems doing the preliminary ideas. its terrible...i dont seem to have enough things to include into wth...

Wild rumours, repeated often enough become credible

kaixian X) says lets mug at 8:47 pm

Hi Guys,

Sorry for this late post!
Here are the pics from our outing to Sumo House :)

Sunkist ><


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Saturday, 7 April 2007


Stupid maths tutorial.... wasting all my foolscap... and its dam lame lo... everything press graphic calculator and write down... zzz..... and it took me 2 hours plus to do 3C and 4, havent finish some more... have to draw sooooo many graphs.... zzzzzz....

I really hope we can go through cytology some time soon... the lecture notes is just scary. And the font size is so big, the notes are like.. 100+ pages.

Have been slacking for the past few weeks.... pia-ing tutorials now.... maths, chem, bio, PI, GP, so much for a long weekend...

Taekwondo grading tomorrow!!! I really hope to get a double promotion... then can get coloured belt, or else will still be stuck with a white belt with some yellow sticker. Feels so noobish..

Everyone jiayou for their work!!


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Thursday, 5 April 2007


ok. i am not into japanese food so i didnt really care about dinner. haha. but that sumo house is really weird la. super cheap jap than 7 bucks per cheap -.-
esmond! upload the pics as soon as possible!
damn sleepy and tired now. havent sprinted in ages. 200m made me feel so alive again. XD. even though we had to wait for more than 2 hours plus to run in our heats. which is super dumb.
so glad that my dilemma last night was resolved and i am no longer going for ocip. the high school has decided to send me over to hutchins school in tasmania for the youth science conference =) [sorry zhiguang, i didnt mean to abandon you on purpose]
dying this weekend. gotta write a proposal for my future srp mentor. rotting and dying. topics mainly cover genetics and muscular dystrophy and atrophy [wadeva that means man. =( i still have no idea]...SHIT!!! i am so dead....die die die die

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Wednesday, 4 April 2007


i just realised that application for CIP Exco is stiffer than council man. hope bowei and i get in...
class dinner tomorrow after sports day heats! remember to bring your clothes to change!
we are confirmed eating japanese food. but we havent decided where to eat yet. anyone knows of any place cheap and good? currently, i only know of the buffet at suki sushi in cineleisure.
srp is a crazy commitment by the way. and i dont think i am taking it as a H3. the pressure of getting a good mentor and trying to CONvince someone into being your mentor is insane too.

You cant be looking one way and moving in the other

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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

(For those who read the class blog but not their emails.)

Hi Guys,

Two things here..
(1) Going to create a poll for which days you can make it for the IMAX movie next week. Pls respond to it.

(2) Fund for printing Bio notes has run out so yet again we need to collect money ($10) I'll be going around to collect so please co-operate more than you did with GP :)

Your Bio Rep

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today is an emo day, do daa do daaa..
today is an emo day, oh de do daa daee..


emo emo day..!
emo emo day..!
today is an emo day, oh de do daa daee..

lyrics: Shu Liang

(haha sorry feeling very lame)

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Monday, 2 April 2007


Don't know what to say. 忍着气。Or else I will go 爆。

Being a nice person has its payoffs. Esp when you really want to help someone and they just give up. Then you suddenly regret the time and effort spent but you know you shouldn't be regretting coz you did it out of your own will coz you just felt like helping in the first place.

Argh Chem O is pressurising me. How many Pa or atm I don't know. I start talking in chemical language. NO!!!! nitrogen monoxide!!! At least I know theres no point for me mugging too hard since I can't participate in international olympiads.

Council elections AND Chem O on Tuesday. At last I can get some rest.... then have to start working again... got PW and SPA. And have to train like siao, coz I don't want to fail NAPFA (at least 2.4) for the 5th consecutive year.

As for the blog, I think shouldn't show photo, coz the space we have for blogging is quite small... I *can* do some coding, but I haven't touched them for a few years and I almost forgot everything by now..... And there seems to be some bug that screws up the font.

Basically thats all for now.... not in the mood to do anything. I feel like just stoning. Anyways, jiayou again to Mark and Peggy. VOTE FOR THEM!!!!! And also good luck to all those going for chem O, and those with other competitions as well.... Take care, and remember safety 1st. And also make sure u all dont overwork or stress out, there were 3 people sick this week.... and when ppl get sick I feel sad =(


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Sunday, 1 April 2007

i figured out i might as well do my job.
BRING $20 tomorrow for GP and pass it to me by 11am.
i will be going off at 11 to support the squash team! we are playing acsi tomorrow. hope we get a good line up =)
too bad to the rest of the class =) i juz realised that i will be skipping 11 period tomorrow =)
muhahahahaha [chaotong's evil laughter]
thanks to zhiguang and jinxiang anyway for the birthday presents.
didnt mug at all today =P
but was doing the business challenge executive summary. the amount of research just killed me. like whatever man. this kinda figures that business is not really for me...haha

Be open to learning new lessons even if they contradict the lessons you learnt yesterday.

kaixian X) says lets mug at 10:50 pm

yea i see that a lot of us have started using accts to login!! =)
(aiya actually me and kaixian only) but so far so good right? ^^ can see ur name,like
weelic says let's mug with Mark ^_^ at 12:12 am
.... im trying to see if we can have like photo (of ur face or picture of ur choice) when u make a post when u login with the acct...also trying to fix the title-not showing-up-problem

sigh...if there's experienced coders/webadmin/bloggers/webdesigners out there, pls give some (free?) advice. thx!!

If there's no other things, I'll go back to mugging for Chem Olympiad mini-Selection... (seriously i wonder how many selections there are....muz be a lot,if u count the nationals as one more to go...but then there's training for intl's,so there's very many selections in fact...) *so stringent* =(

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omgomgogmogmogmgomg. stj today was super fun. i juz loved the venue. marche was damn good except that its abit overcrowded and the people kept chasing us off and looking at us coz we were making so much noise! haha. S7E IS IN THE HOUSE. X)
this is a picture of zhiguang emo-ing in vivocity coz he missed most of stj which was super fun.

kinda disappointed huiqi, tunglin, mark, binsheng, woonchee, bixuan werent able to turn up coz it was seriously seriously DAMN FREAKING FUN!!!
ok. crap. haha. been damn high for the past two weeks. i think i left a pretty bad impression on some of the seniors today. lol. coz i got asked a couple of times if i was gay or not many people know that i got a girlfriend then. XD. erm. too bad to junjie and jinxiang who tried to get me un-high. yeah...they had to keep harping on the fact that i got into ocip with my FAVOURITE teacher and that i am now the FAVOURITE gp rep too =( and that i was high coz i grew 1cm -.-
haha. although i am not interested in chem olympiad, i hope whoever who wants to get in gets in! lol...yunsong and kianhong was telling how the first selection test is pretty easy to pass but when the selection test for the final 10 is super hard. yup. so jiayou!
oh man. i am juz happy today coz we spent time together as a class! haha. many people dont believe this, but i really enjoy having an outing with you guys. like seriously. its juz damn fun =)

oh well...gonna sleep now. its nearly 2 am. lol...hope the seniors will post the pics asap coz i didnt take many pics today [so shibai...]
hope we can have another class outing far a couple of people said that a chalet is a good idea =)
good night!

Don’t be afraid to dream. Never let others define your success.

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