Saturday, 31 March 2007

Hi all!!! Just came back from STJ.. haha

Quite sad some ppl can't join us... We should make sure no one is left out for the next outing!!

As for SRP, there is only one foreigner (Qian Zong Jin). He's imba, so lets not mention that. And I can't blame anything for not getting in, coz I left almost everything blank. Q: "Why do you want to join SRP?" A: "Not sure.". I can't believe I actually wrote that.

Bio presentations due on Monday.... Just in case anyone forgot....

Chem O selection on Tuesday... Jiayou to all those who are going... Although 6H and 6K are imba we must not lose to them!! Must achieve equilibrium!! =X

And not to forget PW. Project Wonderful. I have no idea on what to do yet. argh.

Thats all for now... Hope everyone can manage their busy schedule well... Take care!!

And jiayou to Mark and Peggy for council. Elections are on 3rd April (Tuesday). Support 7E councillors!!!

And also to Hui Qi and Woon Chee.. hope u all recover soon...


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hihi...binsheng is here to tell you a good news..the one on only 07S7E class t shirt design is out..but due to technical difficulties, i was unable to post it on the blog..but don't worry, i will print it out on monday and bring to school to let everybody see...seriously i think that the class shirt looks quite cool (in my "humble" opinion)...haha :o) life has been very hectic for the past 2 weeks (probably not for me coz i am still quite free everyday)..hope that everyone is coping well

next tuesday will be the selection test for chem o, i think i will go there and take the test for fun bah...anyway..i don't think that i will have any single chance of getting in...imba ppl from 6h and 6k will surely own us one lar...haha

SRP is so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even a single foreigner (non PR obviously) get into SRP, then they still gave us chance to go and take the test, give us false hope, SO STUPID!!!!!!!! if they don't want to choose any foreigner, they should sate very clearly that this program is exclusively for singaporean and pr...waste my time go and take the stupid test....once again..SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enough of complaining, next wednesday is also the centad briefing...pathetic ppl like me will definitely go and give it a try to see if i will have any last chance of getting a project this year (stupid SRP!!!!!!)....lets HOPE that i can get into centad SUCCESSFULLY....

ok bah...i will print the design out on monday... bye...hope that you all had fun during stj (so sad i cant go coz its too last minute)...anyway..see ya on monday...

binsheng (;

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Friday, 30 March 2007

hmm...there is something wrong with the skin. the font is not quite right...
blogging during pw =P HELLO to anyone who reads this during pw too. XD
damn tired from swimming.
YES. i grew one cm. congratulate me. 2 more cm to 1.7m.
other than peggy and mark,
vote for my friends the twins, nicole and kimberly cheung! haha.
they are responsible for the squeaking rubber duckies X)

stj tomorrow. so many people not going =(


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This is kinda crappy. You know your life is screwed when you have slept less than 10 hours over 4 days 3 nights. Plus taekwondo training and swimming lesson today. I feel as if im testing the limits of the human body.


Going to school soon.... printing Mark's poster now XD


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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hello fellow gummers!

Here's your ever friedly PE rep informing you about details for sports day!
Be4 i start, just would like to say a big thank you for being so enthusiastic in participating :D!

Lee Tung Lin: Shot Put (09 April Monday 1500)
Lin Jun Jie:Discus(05 April Thursday 1500), Shot Put (09 April Monday 1500) , Javelin (30 April Monday)
Tay Kai Xian: 4x100m 4x400m
Ng Zhi Guang: 200m (11 April Wed 1500), 4x100m, 8x200m
Leong Yuan Chang: 200m, 400m, Pole Vault
Ong Jin Xiang: long jump (11 April Wed 1500), triple jump(05 April Thurs 1500)
Ge Shu Liang: 1500m (25 April Wed 1730), 4x100m
Cheong Kelvin: 4x100m, 8x200m

Ng Bi Xuan: Discus(05 April Thursday 1500), ShotPut(09 April Monday 1500), 8x200m, 4x100m
Peggy Chua: 200m (11 April Wed 1500), 400m hurdles (4th April Wed 1500), 3ple Jump (05 April Thurs), 8x200m, 4x100m
Yeo Woon Chee: 3000m (23 April Monday 1730)
Alycia Fang En: 800m (26 April Thursday 1700) , 8x200m, 4x100m
Mai Qun Yuan: 8x200m
Deng Bo Wei: Discus(05 April Thursday 1500), Shot Put(09 April Monday 1500)

Relay Timings
4x100 09 April Monday 1500
8x200 05 April Thurs 1530

Yup if there are any discrepancies please inform me asap. The form is due tomorrow!

All e best to those who are competiting :D! Do go down to the track to support our classmates during their events! Lets do our bit for APOLLO!

PS. Mark and Peggy are campaigning for council tomorrow. Lets wish them all e best! Jiayou!

loves lots lots
yuan chang

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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Just want to make a post and say happy belated b'day! =) Yuan Chang!

Also everyone go check ur email inbox, maybe u will see an email from blogspot. Can follow instructions there and hopefully it works...a blogging account for each person, so in the end we can go press a button and see who blog the most, or filter by author, and a lot of other fun stuff...we should have done this right at the start, but I had no idea how to do it then, plus I was too busy too use a com then....

hopefully no bugs will occur =)


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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

hello 7E!
first of all,

yay its fun celebrating bdaes in jc! we dun usually get such stuff in high school! =/
i owe a lot of 7E people presents! sorry! i promise u all will get them soon! =)

besides that i think a lot of us were traumatised by the math assignment today.
especially me. i dunno why, in jc, each time after taking a test i will have that "oh man u're gonna fail" feeling. emo emo.

but after talking to some people im feeling much better alrd. i realised smth and felt that i shud share it with the class. that is jc life is not all about mugging! we should learn to enjoy our first year, because the second year is dedicated to preparation for A's. If we do not cherish those non-academic aspects of jc, this 2 years will be a short and dull one! so in amidst of pursuing ur goals! do rmb to add some spice to ur life!

and failing is not the end of the world! we should all learn from our mistakes and do better for each and every test! okay perhaps this does not apply to some people (*uh hem*). emo-ing is not the best solution. in jc we have to get used to not doing that well cos we are in an advanced level alrd. yeah.

okays. i think im not talking sense here. but nvm. i've just realised all this so had a desire to write out everything here. =) thats all from me! jiayou 7E!

im gonna write my angel mortal letter now! see ya all in school! =) =)


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Monday, 26 March 2007

Hey all.. im going to post about gym today!

i was training in the afternoon at the gym standing next to the high trampoline. When another person is jumping you're supposed to stand at the sides of the tramp to 'protect' them if they lose their balance during the routine and fly out accidentally. Thats not good because you either fly into the wall, a row of lockers, onto the long beam or other apparatus. Standing at the side only gives the person tramping a false sense of security. So i was standing there. (thinking that if the person fell off, there wasn't really anything i could do but maybe siam? better one die than both)

One of the girls training for B div was on the tramp and did an awkward landing with her knees slightly bent. I heard a crack, and then saw her falling over... They had to call an ambulance and bring her to the hospital. It was a big jolt to have it happening in front of me.

It wasn't a particularly difficult maneuver or anything, just a landing... but it reminded me that i need to take care of my safety, to be alert at all times, and focus. Same for those who have sports EP3's (so far we've had back, head, tailbone, and finger injuries in our class :P), please take care!

Competition is coming on April 18th so there's about three weeks more to prepare. Most of the team has been training on the low tramp (the one in the pit) thats nearly ten years old and has rusty springs (you can hear them creak when you first go on it)... The school bought a new tramp, same as the competition model 1 yr ago and it has a different feel from the old one. Its scary because its not in a pit, thus a lot higher, and its very bouncy --> means you fly higher. But we have to learn to adjust. Hopefully i can perfect the routine in a week or so.. cos competition is coming really really sooon.

back to gym being scary.. this isn't the first time i've seen people injuring themselves! Two from my batch broke their arms while training when we were only in s1 while there are numerous examples of other minor injuries we face. There's a big price to pay if you aren't careful! So much for gym being an elegant sport...


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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Public Speaking Core Module
Knowing you want a change is the easy bit. Knowing where to start can be hard. Plan carefully, however, take it one step at a time and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.


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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Hey all!!

First of all, I would like to apologize for being a total idiot these few days, especially if I have made anyone upset or stressed over my sudden over-concern for studies, and also for being anti-social, mugging alone, not wanting to talk to anyone, and for being oblivious of my surroundings.......

Basically what has happened was that ever since the holidays, I sort of lost my directions for a couple of reasons, and it is very psychologically taxing to keep your mind straight when it is bugged down by so many tasks. Sometimes one's priorities can get screwed really badly, and when everything seems so important one just cracks down from the emotional and psychological strain. To tell the truth, it was so bad that I couldn't sleep at all on Thursday night, so on Friday I was near a total loss, and from Wednesday till Friday I haven't had a proper meal as I just had no appetite. And this resulted in me being very.. "emo" and "dao"-ish, and the worst part was that I couldn't and wasn't willing to bring myself together to pour out these to anyone, and the accumulated stress just made the situation worse.

Anyway, after a week of.. "emo"-ing I have decided that some things are best to be forgetten, and after all, one really has to balance studies and relations with other people, and concentrating on either extremes is detrimental, neither is it possible to concentrate fully on both at the same time. An opportunity cost has to be incurred, and a choice has to be made. Setting those depressing stuff aside, I really think we should organise some class outings more often, and when i say CLASS outing I really mean the whole class. No one is to be missed. Also, hopefully we will be able to come closer to one another, as many of us has gone through stages of depression in one way or another. I really hope that we can confide in one another, and don't keep your problems to yourself like me... Keeping things to yourself can only worsen the situation.

And also, another important thing will be time management. With people having competitions, irregular sleeping times, piano exams, olympiad selections, late lessons, catching up lessons, CCA commitments, council stuff, and not to mention the normal studies, and with the upcoming Econs timed assignment, Bio presentation as well as Maths test and whatever that I haven't mentioned, it is really important to maintain a clear mind and prioritise and allocate your time adequately. Don't let these events control your life; you are the one in control of these events.

All in all, take care, and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle!!


-Love is blind.

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Friday, 23 March 2007

Hello 7E!

Its one of e rare times i am posting again :p! Haha I promised i would post more this term so here I am :)!

After 5 days of slogging, the weekend is finally here :D! Hurray! School is really getting quite depressing nowadays. So many things to do, so little time. Haiz... sorry I couldnt pei1 yall for ur island creamery trip today hor, stomach upset :(. Maybe we can go town as a class someday? I think that would be fun :D!

Anyway I uploaded a few photos of Jinx Bday! A bit slow I know but better late than never! W810i cannot use already so i guess i wont be able to upload current photos :(.

Haha its quite late and I have comp tomorrow, so gg to slp now :)! Gd night! Cyall during core modules tomorrow!

Yuan Chang

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Hi all!

Recently I've got my sleeping pattern messed up very badly! I sleep late, take a nap, sleep later the next day, take a longer nap... and so thats why you have me blogging at odd hours of the night and sleeping during lectures. I miss the holidays.. cos you can sleep in :) (Though i only got to sleep in once last week).

My holiday wasn't really a holiday and it was packed with so many things!! Molecular cloning workshop, training and more training, and church.. the next one to look forward to is June i guess,but thats when we have to prepare for blocks :( December will still be the best!

Here are some people who got put to sleep during lecture ....

Shu Liang

Mi FangOur CT rep --> this is rare!! (Chao Tong and his evil smile in the background)

All these were taken last term. So during the term ahead lets 打起精神 and pay attention during lectures :P (including myself...)

I've got some pictures of the class (whoever was at the class bench)after games day too.

Over exposed cos facing the sun

Thats all for now.. Im going to catch some sleep :)


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Tuesday, 20 March 2007


ok. i officially declare myself found! haha. i am no longer lost. kinda straighten out all my thinking. school is great coz of you guys! its hard to stay depress when i see you guys everyday. plus all my other friends in hwachong too. you people just make school so lively and meaningful =) enjoying everyday as a GUM-er =)

lets rock on! remember to go support the apollo teams for games day tomorrow!

love you guys =)


Temptation usually comes in through a door that has been deliberately left open.

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Once again, i fall back on this.I'm short. I know i'm short. In primary school, though, people thought it necessary to remind me about it. At every opportunity, they made jokes about my being short. The thing is, I didn't mind. I really didn't. I could look at things from a distant perspective, and understand why they were doing it, so I never got angry about it. In fact, I was amused how one-track minded they were. They didn't get it, did they? If they had wanted to tease me about it, it wasn't working. On a side note, I really don't mind being short now. It makes soccer cleats WAAAY cheaper. Plus, you can dance with any guy for mass dance(:
I wrote this post with the intention of expressing my feelings about being teased about... .... but. Kai Xian made me realise that, being the intelligent people you guys are, it'd sink in eventually that it's not funny. Or, you'll just find some one else to tease:P



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Happy birthday Bixuan!!

Yay. Today was crappy. I went for Interact Commserve only to discover that there was no commserve today, and I was the only one from our school there, and so... I got back to boarding school at 7.30pm.

Aside from that... PW is still... important even if it seems crappy. When you are in rome, do as the romans do. And.. it takes up 10% of the uni scores (at least for local unis..), so everyone work hard!! Die die also must pia!!

Chem O selection is in week 3. For those who are interested.. study these..

Atoms, mol ratio, Stoichiometry
Redox reactions
Atomic structure
Gaseous state and ideal gas laws
Chemical bonding
Equilibrium - Factors, equilibrium constant, Haber process
Group I alkali metals... chemical and physical properties

I can't remember the exact list, as it was hastily copied after the lecture, so I'm not sure if I left out any... And as mentioned some time ago... selection for Bio Os is based on lectures/blocks/promos, so study hard!!

Honeymoon period is over... term 2 is the time to start mugging.

Study hard and take care!!


- Success is 1% talent and 99% hard work,
- 1% + 99% = 100%. Believe in yourself!!

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Monday, 19 March 2007

ok. gotta complain. new timetable sucks. we got 4 more extra periods now thanks to project work...zzz...not the mention that the topic for project work is pretty dumb too. pick a person and write up about him or her. thats such a waste of....
so sad that they arent gonna scrape spa n pw in our year. two things which have almost no relevance to our life...

anyway, on a lighter note, kelvin suggests that we go to island creamery this friday before CT period. i guess thats not a bad idea since we havent gone out as a class since january. maybe we can have lunch together too on wednesdays after bio prac! =)

gotta go rush out chem tutorial today...if not mr lee gonna skin me alive tomorrow. haha.


Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.

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Sunday, 18 March 2007


taykaixian is 100% in the holiday mood. i have officially not touched any work for 9 days. yes. so for those who enjoy calling me a mugger, i am 100% not one. been out everyday. doing something else other than working my brain. guess my brain kinda feels like mush now. no idea what is going on. looking forward to tomorrow.
looking forward to any new classmates + that new class s7F

gotta be honest. i kinda lost my direction in school. no idea what i am going to school for. been feeling juz really aimless. the motivation and purpose in my life just seems to be diminishing greatly recently...sigh...


Self-delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scale.

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Haha you would realise this is the first time you see me on the class blog :p. Actually this IS the first time in my life I am blogging, so a bit not use to it i guess ^^! Do forgive me for not blogging, promise I will blog more often in the future :):):):)!

There are quite a lot of cute and sometimes not so flattering photos of yall that I want to upload...once I figure out to....(i really noob in this sia) Haha, until then...guess I will be mainling adding texts...hope it doesn't turn people off. is starting tomorrow! I am really not in the mood to go back to sch :(. So many things yet to do...haiz... wished hols would be longer.

haha i guess the only good thing is that we'll get to see each other again. Its been a week, and i think besides peggy, zhiguang and alycia (who are like always in school), I havent actually seen any of yall.

Shall keep my first post short (and hopefully sweet)

cya tom


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School tomorrow!
Bo Wei, I am GLAD you're going to stay, but I'm really sorry that you can't study what you want to study. Miracles may still happen, though!
I am dead for math, anyone feel inclined to save me?
Holidays were great! I was busy but free. Haha. As in, i neglected my homework, played a little, did other stuff, and it was over!
I love Hwa Chong(:
I am random.
You can tell!


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hi all!

geesh, sch tomorrow, have to step right back into the routine of waking-up-at-5.40am, rushing for the bus, scary chem lectures (shh...), horrendous swimming lessons, blah blah blah. dont noe why holidays fizzle out so fast, yet time passes with such agonizing slowness during term-time. oh well...

i love the holidays u know, even thou its almost as busy as school term. on school days i wake up feeling tired, as if its still night time, with the drab skies being sucked of light. but on holidays u wake up when dawn is breaking, and somehow your mind starts streaming with plans of the day ahead...

anyway, today my mom whipped together a special dinner to send off the last day of the term... duck cooked with black soy sauce and shitake mushrooms, platters of fresh meat buns, tofu with szechuan sauce, and her newly invented pastry - homemade yam rolled in a fried dough shell.

we started eating at 7pm, and when the skies got too dark, switched on a wall light (that until now, i never knew existed). The weak slant of yellow light, casting a pale lozenge on the table, made the scene seem strangely unreal.

The sky tonight was... obscenely beautiful, salted with a panoply of stars sprinkled across black velvet.

Dinner last for more than 1 hour, we stuffed ourselfs with buns, duck, talk... and i continually poked fun at my sister. But in the midst of it all, there was that feeling of security, of worry, love and protectiveness.

photos (after dinner) - my mom complained that there were too many buns left.

great end to the holidays! even thou i am blighted by misgivings about the crystal growing exhibition tomorrow, cos our crystal broke (my fault), and have not finished enzymes tutorial (tsk tsk tsk), i am jiggling with anticipation for term 2...

Count: 3 hours 9 minutes to term 2.


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Hi all!!

School re-opens tomorrow!!

And just a reminder... for those doing crystal growing, the presentation is due tmr =)

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!!


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Thursday, 15 March 2007

hey everyone!

how are the holidays coming along? mine has been just slack so far. going out everyday till damn late. reached home yesterday at 1.30am i think. went to watch midnight movie. haha. letters from iwo jima is a bit scary at some parts. coz it showed defeated japanese soldiers committing suicide. from shooting themselves in the head, there were other pretty sick stuff like blowing themselves up with a grenade which is seriously gross.
so i guess i am finally at home for once in the holiday at this time. haha. decided to blog coz there is nothing much left to do [although the stupid chem tutorial beside me is an eyesore]

bowei! so sorry you didnt get the subject combi you wanted. i totally empathise with you. the whole sms thing is screwed up. that feeling of dread just sinks you when you receive the sms. you feel very lost, suddenly torn apart by the fact that you have no idea what you should do. that feeling of haplessness and insecurity is just pure misery...
as for choosing the subj combi you prefer over the class, everyone understands so there is no need to feel so upset over it. coz it doesnt matter which class you are in, you will always be a part of 7E.
but anyway, i guess everyone is glad that you are staying! haha. hope you are able to cope with biology since you are more of a physics person...


If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

hi guys.

bowei here. ok. i have got something majorly big 2 announce. try not to roll ur eyes after hearing this ok?
at 15:27 today, 14/03/07, i received the following sms:
"Hi bowei, call me when u r free ok? Timetabling com unable to fit pcmcsc combi for u.. Tell u more verbally rather than thru sms.."
ok, basically 2 spare u all my long-winded narrative (u prob had a feel of it e last time i blogged), i cannot take pcmcsc, not stp, not mainstream. cos some physics class disintegrated and the physics classes are undergoing a major reshuffling, and it was too difficult to put me in 6k. so... sacrifice one for many... i understand.

i m feeling like a truck has just run over me leaving behind acrid plummes of black smoke. i really think i m pretty good at physics, really, cos i finished their term 1 notes in 2 days...
but its kinda empty when all ur thoughts, actions, attitude over the last 2 weeks seem so.... academic, so irrelevant. i feel strangely inadequate when the zest i had put into physics in the last 1 week or so is useless, that the worrying over my new class is all for nothing, that the pensive tears i have shed over the course of the week...
Leaving me feeling like a spongeful of vinegar had been squeezed into my mouth.
I love our class, and the question of whether i was stupid to give up u guys for a subject that everyone else is avoiding had been eating away at me for the past few days.
to some of u, i may seem dramatic and super fickle minded, i mean, after all e fuss i made, the end result is still e same:i stay in 7e. but it makes a world of difference, you know, the knowledge that i had tried again to study physics again but that i m not.. fated for it.

on a lighter tone, YAY! i get to stay u know.

i hope this post has the effect of putting a smile... or an accelerated heartbeat (as in, due to excitement!)... on whoever is reading it... woohoo! the SAT rep is here to stay! haha, sorry to qunyuan, that i think i will still continue to be chem rep. :)

ps: i would like to say a very big thank you to the timetabling comittee to the tireless efforts they have made to try to put me into 6k. mr koh in particular rocks man!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

IM HOME!!!! After 3 months. (acutally im used to it already...)

By the way.... regarding the "outing".. just in case some people don't check their emails or the yahoogroup... I have created a poll, so can try and indicate the days you are NOT free.... alternatively u all can just drop me an email or find me on msn... dont bother sms-ing as im not in the country (or can make overseas sms).

Fac dance brings back old memories. Why is the class so dead now?????????????

Keep the class and the blog alive!!


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Hi, everyone... Qunyuan here... How is your holiday? Today I came to school to paint the library banner, but I found that I was just an idle resource. 根本帮不上什么忙... So, I came to comp lab to visit our class blog, haha...
Yeah, I agree that our blog is quite dead now... We shall thank Kai Xian and Junjie for keeping the blog alive.... :)
Just now i was watching the apollo dance on CNY at youtube... It looked damn good when we unzipped our jacket together...
Ok, last thing, who want to be our chem rep? If not, I volunteer myself... I have prepared the straws for all of u for the next lecture... For those who haven't take the chem tutorial on Sat(Core module), erm, I will give you when school reopens... Woon Chee has scanned the tutorial and uploaded in the Yahoo Group... Thanks, Woon Chee! :)
Hope everyone has a nice holiday... :)

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Monday, 12 March 2007


Haha... Huangcheng rocks. <3>

3 cheers to Wee Lic and Chao Tong!! Wee Lic looked really nice as the prince in 玻璃鞋... 有帅气.. haha...

All in all, the shows were very nice, and the actors really put in a lot of effort. All three plays had themes related to love, and I guess it's probably due to JC life, as I noticed many plays and stuff lately are all centered around... relationships... Mutual respect, responsibility, sinceriy, and most importantly... inner beauty over physical appearance.... these are all the little things that everyone should learn to have...

The only thing that dissapointed me was the way the audience reacted, especially laughing at certain scenes. Sometimes, its a sad scene, yet when the actor looked funny (due to whatever reasons), laughing just spoils the mood. You don't laugh when you accidentally push people off a building, neither do you laugh when people are unable to express their feelings properly.

Another thing is that we should probably learn to arrange and plan things ahead. The plan for dinner and supper was a total failure, as my notices were given out last minute.... so eventually, nothing happened..... haiz..... and so much for false hope....

As such, we have a week ahead of us. And if possible, we really should organize an outing. We have.... farewell for Bowei, celebration for Wee Lic's successful appeal, and the 1st Tuesday when school re-opens is Bixuan's birthday, and the 2nd Tuesday is Yuan Chang's birthday, and we also have to settle STJ. So.... I suggest that we use the yahoogroups (remember?)... I'll probably create a poll to get everyone's opinion. Please respond ok? Seriously la... it isn't nice to have so many planned gatherings cancelled due to last minute notices... (my fault, sms at 11pm =X)

The holidays probably aren't even holidays, with quite a number of people having camps and competitions.... take care, and find time to rest and enjoy! Don't mug too hard! (am i contradicting myself?)

And good luck to Mark and Peggy for council... use ur time during the holidays to plan for your campaigns!! And Jin Xiang is having some chinese chess competition... why never tell us... good luck for the upcoming rounds!!


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Saturday, 10 March 2007

congrats kai xian!!

by the way... why is the blog becoming so inactive... for the whole month only me and kai xian have been blogging (plus 1 post from bin sheng and helen)... although the blogging competition is over, who cares about that? what matters most is WE STICK!!

basically... core modules was quite nice. esp learning how to peel a prawn with a knife. i don't eat prawns, yay! neither do i drink wine....

huangcheng tmr. who.. wants.. to.. go.. for.. dinner... (please dont dao...). most of the stuff i post always get dao-ed.. T_T

still... i really hope for some class sessions... everyone seems to be much busier, and sometimes we cant even find time for some class lunch or something... must try to find time together as a class ok? (hence, i am soooo looking forward to stj). bowei would be leaving our class, and i think it would be nice to organize some... "farewell". we will always be a 7E, and always a part of the HWA CHONG FAMILY!! stick together as a class!!

Cheers (to chaotong and weelic for huangcheng, mark and peggy for council, bowei for being a part of us, you will forever be... and to everyone else.. study hard and take care!!)

[Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire]
Let the flames within our hearts grow with each passing day!!

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yippee! our project [chaotong's and mine] won the 2nd prize in the junior category for singapore chemical science fair held at nus today! tianyue's group won the 3rd prize in the senior category. but this competition abit stingy. no prize money no nothing. haha. only got medal + certificate.

support mark and peggy for council!
chaotong and weelic are at huangcheng now. wish them luck for their performance!
bowei! how can you even think we will delete you! we are not that evil and heartless la. we are gonna miss you so much...just realised that friday was the last time we would be having lessons together...but at least there is still one more core module...dont worry k? you are always a part of 7E coz we stick like gum! inseparable! haha. and we will inform you of stj! you must come for the whole day and enjoy yourself!
now that you are transferring, we will also need to find a new chemistry rep...if not woonchee ends up doing all the chem rep duties...
Real listening is a willingness to let the other person change you.

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Friday, 9 March 2007

ok. sorry for emo-ing in the previous post. i just felt damn screwed last night when i received news that i didnt pass the ki test. i was kinda devastated coz this week already been horrible enough and the ki test totally did not help at all. yeah...
anyway i am currently seeking an appeal for ki so wish me luck. thanks to the many people who tried to console me today. thanks to zhiguang and caolei for pointing out that econs is more recognised than ki. thanks to kianhong, junjie, tunglin, alycia, woonchee, qunyuan, wu di, bowei, chaotong for consoling me. you guys rock!

good luck to all running for council! ok. wait. thats only peggy right? haha...
good luck to me and chaotong for singapore chemical science fair tomorrow!
everyone have fun at core modules tomorrow! take more pictures! then i can have a look at how it went. heard that some interesting/scandaous things are revealed during core modules. must remember to tell me! lol...
have fun watching huang cheng on sunday! so sorry i didnt get a ticket...wanted to but they are all so out now...


That’s the problem with positive thinking: it skips right over simple satisfaction and careens over headlong into high expectations.

07s7e says lets mug at 11:22 pm

Hi all!!

1 term is officialy over.

Time flies.

Haha.. not so lame.... not just having fun, hectic schedules and study hours also seem to make everything zoom past in seconds...

Term 2 is starting.... and things get serious... no more laming around during Maths timed assignments, and we need to study continually in case of... surprise tests that will be counted. Plus the normal lecture tests as well (or maybe not so normal).

Core modules tomorrow, 8am at A203, and we can go straight to the classroom if we are early. Huangcheng is Sunday, 7.30. For all those who are going... anyone wants to go out for dinner together or something?

Argh. OCIP Cambodia is restricted to Singaporeans and PRs only... so I can't apply for it. Haiz.. And the Perak trip is like less than an hour's drive from my home... Whos going to Perak? XD

Well, thats all for today. At last we get to take a break from school work!! (maybe not all...). Many people are down with flu, and Mrs. Cheng is down with high fever. So... everyone take care!! (make sure u have enough water and sleep. people tend to forget these) And for those who are sick... get well soon!!


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Thursday, 8 March 2007

this is going to be a super short post coz yours truly is really upset.
i am a failure.


It’s easier to deceive yourself than others

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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Haha... thats... so high... XD

Congrats to Wee Lic!!!! We don't have to worry anymore!! yay!!

And as for the bio test.... congrats to those who did well...for those who can't... it's just the 1st bio test in JC, so it might be a little hard to get adjusted to (plus the frigging cold air cond), and theres plenty of chance next time. Believe in yourself!! Don't feel sad over your results, most importantly is what you know you can do. All that matters is that you did your best!

Going to sleep le... everyone seems to be falling sick, dunno is it due to overwork or not... So.. take care and stay healthy!!


07s7e says lets mug at 10:52 pm

*BOUNCING*BOUNCING*BOUNCING*BOUNCING* [ i am very high now for those who still cant tell]

quite happy now that all the people i know who got posted out are back in so far, hope everyone else gets back in too.
this influx of good news really made my day [after it was officially thrashed by stupid bio test]



An optimist stays up till midnight to usher the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2007


ok. i officially declare JAE stupid. this totally sucks. how come even 3 pointers get transferred out -.- this is total madness. quite sad now. so many nice people are getting transferred out. hope their transfers are successful.
feeling screwed now. falling sick. just took medicine. cant exactly think straight. possibility of not going to school tomorrow. terrible. falling sick before a test -.-
good luck to all mugging now...


They say marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.

07s7e says lets mug at 10:42 pm

Hi all. The pictures here are posted at the request of Mr. Lee.

Don't sleep during chem pracs or crystal growing sessions.

The blog looks pretty dead, due to the upcoming bio test. Everyone study hard and do your best!

Take care,

07s7e says lets mug at 8:22 pm

Saturday, 3 March 2007

hi everyone.

to add on to junjie's post, there is also the release of the posting results next week. good luck to wudi, huiqi and weelic. wanna see them in the hwachong uniform everyday. we should do something on tuesday. to celebrate kelvin's birthday. maybe we can go island creamery and buy one of the cakes there. it shouldnt be too expensive if we all come up with around 2 bucks.
after ssef on 7th and 8th, me and chaotong still got singapore chemical science fair at nus on the 10th. too bad you guys cant come support us coz you got core modules! i hope we win man. then got prize money to take. haha =)
good luck to all for the bio test! we must score the highest since we are the only bio stp class. must live to our reputation!
hope weelic performs well to!
and more people should join council! especially all those who are damn free! binsheng, maybe you can take this suggestion and get a cca!
and i guess bowei is gonna leave our class after JAE since she has decided to switch to physics..she will be greatly missed and she will always be a part of 7E!!
time to start mugging for biology test. been slacking the whole day. no mood to study coz i was damn tired from training yesterday. reached home at around 11 plus, so you can kinda guessed what time my training ended. terrible. my thighs cant exactly function properly now. gonna kill ms chen for making us swim so much. haha


Seize the day. Carpe diem encapsulates the idea of enjoying what we have rather than mourning the past or worrying about what we don’t have.

07s7e says lets mug at 10:30 pm

Hi all!! How's everyone studying so far? We have a 3 day weekend, use them wisely!!

And... congrats to our grand seniors!! The A level results were really good, with like.. 9/10 Distinctions for bio, 8/10 for physics, chem etc... And.... good luck to our seniors who will be taking their A levels this year!! Jiayou!! And next year is our turn.... Work hard to break the records!!

School is starting to get serious. Take a look at how thick the notes have become. Cytology is 5 times thicker than carbo. PW is coming soon. Tutorials start to pile up. JC life finally shows its face....

Setting serious stuff aside, Tuesday is Kelvin's birthday, and all three birthdays in this month are on tuesdays (kelvin, bixuan and yuanchang). We should organise some class outings to de-stress (or do revision.... siao arh). Island creamery anyone? XD

Thats about all for now... just an update of the stuff coming up...

6 Mar - Kelvin's Bday
7 Mar - Bio test
10 Mar - Core modules
11 Mar - Huangcheng
-Holidays. I finally get to go home.-

Oh ya, and NUS is having an open house on the 10-11th. Its mainly targeted at the J2s, but is anyone interested? I think I would be going... just to have a look around....

Once again, good luck for bio test, SSEF, Huang cheng, council elections, C2 block test, .....

Study hard, and take care!!


-Aim high, for if you aim an arrow at a target it will only travel that far. Aim at the sky, and even if you don't hit it, the arrow will still travel as high as it can.
(i can't remember the exact phrasing, its a quote my father keeps telling me...)

07s7e says lets mug at 9:24 pm

Hello everyone, binsheng's here to blog again.

since junjie has put up the to-do-list already, i shall not list down the homework this week liao... anyway, seniors dun like us to talk about homework online....

with reference to the post by kelvin on the 26th of February 2007 about the chem test, i must clarify that i DID NOT say that the chem test was a "total success"...kelvin was just crapping so everyone shall ignore that comment. in fact, i did quite badly for the test too, so i DID NOT say that chem test was a "Total Success"!!!!!!!!!!!

A level results was released yesterday and thanks to our grand seniors, we will have a holiday on monday...hooray...Most importantly, bio test is postponed, so that gives us more time to mug and study..everyone must jia you and PASS (not even aim to get A, i am sure you know why) for bio test.

next week will be the last week of school, i suddenly realized that time flies really fast.... this term is like super slake lar...probably due to orientation and term will not be like this anymore...i believe that next term will be more busy, may be except me, coz until now i still dun even have a CCA aim is to find a CCA as soon as possible...currently i am thinking of joining CENTAD science...hope that i can get in bah....

next week will be huangcheng, although i am not going to watch the show, i still want to wish wee lic good luck and dun screw up (touch wood)....

for those who is participating in SSEF, good luck too. hope that you all can win prize...

i am starting to talk nonsense now so i think that i shall end here...lets hope that the bio test will be easy :)

Binsheng (remember i DID NOT say that chem test was a "TOTAL SUCCESS")

07s7e says lets mug at 8:10 pm

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Wheee.... we hit 100 posts.

Life is getting boring. On my "to do" list, I have...

Bio tutorial (essay questions, 28 marks of essay)
Chem tutorial (2 pages full of text)
Maths tutorial (what a waste of paper)
Econs tutorial (do we need to write the 4 essays?)
Bio test. (SIANZ)

This is just so crappy. My usage of foolscap paper is increasing daily. Worse still, have to study like crap for olympiad selections. Chem is some time in April, and for bio, they select based on your lecture/block test results. So much for the merits of meritocracy. By the way.... does anyone want to study with me?? Or I will be super sien, everyday stone in boarding school reading reading reading..... until I fall asleep, then wake up, eat, continue reading.....

I really hope some events will come up... I am looking forward for STJ ^^ And I also hope everyone can turn up =D

Time really flies. Its already March, and before you know it 25% of the year is gone. I really like to browse through some of the old posts in this blog every now and then.... Haiz, those good old days...

Once again, have fun (bleargh) studying for bio test, and not to mention practice writing as fast as possible (while maintaining legibility), as I am 100% sure 99% of the people wont have enough time. (I also envy the 1%). It somehow seems that a lot is expected from our class, so don't let those expectations down!!

Study hard, and take care!!


07s7e says lets mug at 9:08 pm

heys people. ^^

this is officially my second entry. everyone seems to be mugging for bio now kinda feeling the stress building up. RAWR peer pressure is very unhealthy. oh wells hope everyone does well and all the best.

anyways whats happening to stj? haha seems kinda stagnant at the moment. :S

all right shall post more dumb pictures (though they are rather ancient). enjoy!

okay finally. need to get yall to help for something. has anyone seen a graphic calculator lying on the class bench after school today? there's this white patch of stuff at the back of the gc. if anyone has seen it, please tell me asap? thanks a lot!


07s7e says lets mug at 8:13 pm



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