Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Zhi Guang and Ramdan(looks like Kai Xian merged with Chao Tong =p)

Jin Xiang with an orange clown nose, although there's not much diff with or without it...


The wise learn from successes as well as mistakes.

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Monday, 26 February 2007

Hmm... apparently the site is being popularised.. I still remember referring to it while doing the chem presentation at the start of the term..

But yeah, I have to agree that the chem test was hard. Morale of the story: try to get copies of test papers from our seniors. If I do not remember wrongly around 3-4 questions from the MCQ were repeated (including the no of mol of reactants...).

I think the main problem is with how fast we recall our concepts and apply them. As Kelvin mentioned... the time is the killer, and I guess it was the same for the class test too. I realised that many questions expect you to come out with a "hey thats obvious" response, but instead we slowly derive/recall the concepts, consuming more time than ever.

ILP presentation is due tomorrow. Everyone should have done theirs right? Good luck to everyone!!

Oh ya, and for the subject combis, remember to go to the ISP to confirm your subject combi from the 7-8 of March. Also, you can go to the "my profile" section to look at a high resolution version of your passport size photo (yucks...).
Anyone wants to upload theirs? As an act of... retardness I shall post mine


Ok. Lame spasm over. All of us are starting to get busier, and events such as STJ have to be postponed until holidays... (hopefully not beyond). Also, NUS is having an open house from the 10-11 of March. Anyone interested?

Once again.... wish everyone good luck for ILP and Bio test. Anyone wants some class outing after bio test for Kelvin's birthday? Its the day after the test... We must acknowledge our CT Rep =D

And... Study hard, and take care! (Oh btw.. there should be another copy of the cartoon guide to chemistry in the library... go and borrow it if you want..)


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Please click & see the 2nd link... [anyway the stuff in there is nice and clear and comprehensive... but sad that I only discovered it after the chem test...] I totally agree... teachers try to teach simplified version of concepts which happen to be a little wrong, then when you get to higher level, they un-teach u and re-teach again.... remember the 'lock-&-key'...haha... But then again, no one thought we'd understand if they start with the supposedly more abstract idea...

Though I think, kids approach all knowledge on equal grounds, so it's not really true to say that certain knowledge is less 'suitable' to teach to them just because the knowledge seem more difficult to you who already learned the old-but-now-proven-wrong knowledge. This sentence is not clear... but I can't really find a way to phrase it properly...

Then again, maybe say 10 yrs down the road, someone will come out with another new concept or something...maybe the universe is not made up of particles but vibrations or something that totally overturn the whole basis of science... just look at the string theory that's kinda getting more popular's not all impossible someone will come out with another freaky idea... So, no way to absolutely avoid un-learning things, isn't it..?

Looking back, the way we are taught is like a progression through a super-condensed version of the history of science. We start with the really old classical theories, and go onto the newer ones that sometimes prove the old ones wrong [thus the un-learning...]. It's the way science is taught everywhere, seem to be so. Sometimes I wonder if science is taught as a progression through chapters of the most recent, modern, abstract, weird concepts, would it be faster..? Heard that NUS High is trying to do that to their students...we can wait & watch then~ lol.

So... good luck for bio test, everyone~

ps: don't try, I'm absolutely nice so there's no whatsoever cryptic message in here... anyway it's a awfully long piece of random crap if you want to check word by word...

pps: HEY I want that cartoon book~~ when u return it please tell me so I can go along to borrow it~

ppps: should we all try to post some really serious insightful content-ful posts to elevate our chance in winning that competition...? ~~~moneymoneymoney~~~~

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Chem test was a tatol disaster. Of course there would be bin sheng to disagree with me (he said its a total success)... the whole test was manageable but the time given was just insufficient. Sien, i hope its the teachers plan to train us to do faster so that "A" levels will be a piece of cake to us. One week later will be bio test. We should really put in more effort in revision so that bio will not be another hell to us.

By the way any of you intersted in changing your subject combination. If yes, you are to meet mrs Cheng tomorrow. What time, i'm not sure though.

STJ is also coming soon. The seniors need to know which weekend we are free. I suggest after our core modules on saturday because thats when we are gathered. Please think about. Besides that the huang cheng tix are coming out. Those who have ordered the tix from chaotong is to pay up asap so that i can go collect it when the time comes.


the cryptic message is suppose to be obvious enough for people to notice and i made no wild conjectures. i really met our fellow classmates. i was travelling in a pair of pairs that day too =)

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Sunday, 25 February 2007


Sleep early, have a good rest, and don't be blur tomorrow!!
Remember... read the question properly!!

Also.... remember to do ILP, GP essay, econs tutorial....

Study hard and take care!!


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Kinda sien these few days, thats why i havent been blogging. Everyday is like so sien..Lately, there seems to be more and more things to mug for. Very sien, yeah, but with things like chem test, bio test.. etc, one just has to devote more time to studying.. I somehow think that they shouldnt have revealed the topics covered for the chem olympiad selection. Naturally, people will be inclined to mug for it, so the selection wont be that fair...

I sort of found an interesting book from the library, titled "the cartoon guide to chemistry". Sounds lame, but its quite a nice book that covers many concepts like atomic structure, equilibrium, gas laws, etc... its really a good reading.

Somehow, i seem to be sleeping later and later these days.. Otherwise, i would have gone to bed by 11..

Last but not least, i really hope everyone can enjoy their schooldays to the fullest. Also, dont forget chem and bio tests! Make sure you all do your ilp! Everyone study hard and take care!!


*kelvin.... your "cryptic" language is too obvious liao... and stop making wild conjectures about ppl XD

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Saturday, 24 February 2007


Yo. i have bad news to tell all of U. it seems thAt the cny later competitioN was compulsory. mr pang isn't very happy with all the Class that did not do tHe latern. and of course our clAss is one of them. it isN't really our fault thouGh cause the councillor that collected our banner proposal told me that its not compulsory. now i'm suppose to write a letter of explanation to him by sunday. haihss

chem test And bio test is coming very soon. to prevent history from happening again we must study hard. especiaLly atomic structure since we aren't tested on it Yet. for bio i suppose we just have to mug and memorize lie siao so that we Can regurgitate all the points in the limIted amount of time given. however, i doubt i'll be doing Any studies cause i am a slacker.


Somehow, I have great affinity with 2 todays.. so i'll end with just 2 paragraphs.
February is also the 2nd month with 14 in the 2nd week. the number 2 is just so lovely and adorable. So find your pair on this beautiful CHINGAY festival. =)

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good luck to everyone for chemistry test on monday!

bet everyone is busy mugging this weekend which kinda explains why this blog is so dead. a few more days before the blogging competition ends. hope we win! =)
i am starting to get pretty sick of going to school...haha. as junjie puts it, there is nothing much to look forward too...but i guess we are a little bit better than our seniors who are starting to worry about their block tests which they will be having in around a month's time. i cant wait for march holidays to come. haha. although i know we will most probably be bombarded with loads and loads of work, i just wanna not go to school. quite sick of everything. feels like i lost all forms of motivation...sometimes i really wonder why do we have to study so much when most people around our age in other countries are already in universities driving cars...more than half the things we learn in jc wont even be used in future. i wanna study medicine in university. but thanks to the boring new syllabus which took out physiology from biology, whatever i learn now basically has no impact on what i wanna do in future and i still gotta study physiology from the basics in uni and all the other subjects like maths isnt really gonna make much of an impact. growing to feel like this whole system is a total waste of time...


Why fight a losing battle, only to enrich others

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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Yay.. we hit 90 posts..

Haiz. I suddenly realised how sad it is... no more fac dance sessions anymore, so theres nothing to look forward to for my thursdays.... The days are getting really boring... So I guess its probably back to studying... And homework, and ILP. zzzzzzzz

Thats all for now.. just another post to keep the blog alive XD... Take care and study hard...


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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

everyone making a mess out of the yu sheng...

i dare you to eat this. haha. XD


I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.

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ouch... hope ur headache/face recovers fast...

Anyway... Lets keep the blog alive... but seriously speaking, the days ahead will be very boring...

Stuff coming up:
26th Feb - Chem Test
3 Mar - Talentime night
5 Mar - Bio Test
6 Mar - CT Rep's Bday!! =D
7-8 Mar - SSEF
10 Mar - Core Modules (1)
*Not sure if i left anything out..

After that is March holidays, and Term 2 will be starting. Time really flies...... and why is the core modules during the holidays??? (Saturday counts..).. zzz.. I want to go home!!!

Also, the next big event in school will be the council elections in April (and btw whos going to run for council?) , followed by teachers day in August (according to student council website). Thats like so far away.... Term 2 is going to be very boring too... We will start to get spammed by tests and homework, work and more work... haiz.

Thats all for now... dont know what to post... as usual... study hard and take care.....


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hmm must keep our class blog active! haha but actually i am not posting anything related to the class.

I am really suai today, after my cca, i was on my way out of school. then i walked past the canteen just like any other day, suddenly something hit right into my face. Gosh, a SOFTBALL. Oh my, a softball is definitely not soft, why did they ever name it as softball? I didnt even see it coming in my direction, it was flying at the speed of _____. Haiz i'm now having headache :(


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hello everyone!
school's reopening today! hope u all had a nice CNY break.
just came home not long ago from CO bai nian =)

haha. does anyone have any idea when ECONs ILP presentation is?
omg need to start work really soon.
and all the other tutorials to complete! =/

okays gtg now! short and sweet post..

=> zhiguang

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Monday, 19 February 2007

hi everyone

i so do not feel like doing any work. haha. slacking 4 days straight in a row is pure bliss. i am rather behind for maths tutorial. still at 1D. gotta get down to work tomorrow i guess.
heh. economy doing well recently i guess. lol. i bet everyone's ang pao money this year was more than last year. XD
down with a stupid running nose now. feel like sleeping. rarrr. been sleeping like 12 hours for the past 4 days. haha. the best way to usher in the year of the pig is to be one =)


If you want a rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.

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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Happy CNY again!!

I'm at my aunt's place for CNY.. at least its not so sien XD, just that dial-up internet is really really slow... it takes 3 minutes just to login and another 3 minutes to load the page to post...

And by the way... remember this website .. Alot of pictures there, around 150+ for CNY i think...

I guess i'm the only one who is longing for school to re-open..... I miss so many ppl... and i miss school!!!!! (pardon me for being so enthu)

Anyway.. enjoy your reunions!! And not to forget ang paus too!! And last but not least...


新年快乐!(enjoy ur holidays!)
学业猛进!(do ILP, maths tutorial, chem test, bio test, .......)
身体健康!(for those with back injuries... and thank god for those who are healed..)
万事如意!(may this be a fruitful year!!)

and.. 7E 万岁! XD


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i am super tired again. haha. my eyes cant stay open while i am typing out this post. was sleeping the whole day until dinner time where i had to wake up and go to my uncle's place for reunion dinner. bet everyone enjoyed their reunion dinner too =)

why cant this holiday be abit longer...i havent done any work yet and i am totally not in the mood to do it...haha. i am lagging behind for mathematics. rahh. this sucks...

happy new year anyway. hope everyone collects a lot of ang pao money. haha =)


How does a project get to be a year behind schedule? One day at a time.

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Friday, 16 February 2007

Hi all!

So sorry that my first blog entry will start with something related to money… quite sick of counting, recounting and receipts already...

Yay!! For the CNY street market, we made $124.50 in profits, about 136% of our cost...

Revenue: $216, of which $46 were in coins…
Cost: $91.50

Yay!!! So each person will have to pay $5 less class fund (as pointed out by Kai Xian...) You may like to check out the balance sheet I uploaded into our yahoo group if you want to know where our money went to…

Thank you everyone… especially to

Alycia... for allowing us to have made a mess in her beautiful kitchen until wee hours in the morning...
Peggy... for traveling all the way to buy the ingredients at the least cost and lugging them to school, and to coordinate the trial and baking sessions
Bixuan… for buying the cheese sausages and satay sticks at last minute notice
Kai Xian… for bringing the heavy oven and coming to help out with the tarts after training
Zhiguang… for helping with the fruit tarts even though you had a performance the next day
JinXiang, JunJie, Shuliang… for helping with the tarts till unearthly hours
Helen, Yuan Chang, Esmond and the many others who went around promoting our food energetically and ended up bringing lots of other foodstuff from other stalls back…
All who were toasting the sausages while being baked under the sun near the field
Our dearest seniors who were behind us all the way…

Basically, I would be thanking everyone if not for my bad memory… it is truly a combined class thing…

Ya… thank you!!! I am starting to think that CNY street stall is a GOOD activity (didn think so previously…) A true bonding session and a real opportunity to see other aspects of your fellow ‘denizens’ beyond ‘academia’…

Apollo lost the fac dance… quite saddening… but the “zi-high” dance sessions after the celebrations were comforting… we may have lost but the Apollo spirit is definitely not defeated…

CNY celebration this year has been a really different and eventful one for many of us… Shall end here… since writing long meaningful messages isn’t really what I can do… Anyway, happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have fun counting red packets and your blessings!!


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Hello Everyone!

Even though Apollo didn't win today I'm sure all of us had a lot of fun :) We really showed our faculty spirit to! I think CNY at the college side is so much better than High School's. For the last four years we just sat in the hall and watched performances or had 'games' that were suspiciously similar to those from the previous years. Today we had performances too, but we had the freedom to talk to friends. Then there's the street market and the fac dance. I think our class did a good job, we nearly sold all the fruit tarts and sausages.

(Selling food is very dangerous... when you sell something to a friend, they'll ask you to buy from their stall too.. and before you know it, you might be broke!)

well... Anyway.. CNY holiday is a good break for all of us... Enjoy yourself Guys

Now I'm going to devote the rest of the post to pictures (which have been stuck in my phone for a long long time... )

Me and Chao Tong's Potato from our Bio Practical
The Genius who stapled herself to (What is that??)... Lipids Lecture Notes

This one says kick me.. although the words are too small

Really quick hands..

(And this part of the post is dedicated to our Island Creamery Sticker craze)

The sad end to most of our Island Creamery Stickers

On empty milo packetsAnd on the class Bench!!

How do these stickers mysteriously appear on the backs of classmates? Here's how... watch carefully


Before and after:

(Yup.. thats the end.. I've got more but they aren't this intersting or 'insightful')

Aaron's birthday

Our lovely CNY Banner (What is the toilet paper doing there!!)

Decorated Central PlazaSleepyheads (They were baking until 1,2 am!)Hehz.. I took so long to upload all of these because im lazy to transfer things from my phone to the com. My phone ran out of memory.. hence the sudden inclusion of so many pics in this post :)


Esmond here

(I'm the one that didn't sign off the other time -> noob blogger rmb...)

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i am surprised that i am still awake even though i had only 3 hours of sleep last night after a crazy training and a super-long baking session at alycia's place. i was half asleep for the entire afternoon today. totally sucks. today wasnt such a good day afterall. missed my stop when i took the bus home coz i fell asleep. the result: i took twice the usual time to come home. and we also lost fac dance. i juz felt that the score was quite unfair for us coz we didnt have enough time to get into straight lines and arrange ourselves properly. i also dont think we had lesser people than ares. the main problem was that everyone was squeezed to the front...sigh. quite insulting to have lost. the least we could have at least got was a tie like last year. btw, i like the fac jacket! and its super cool coz we are the only fac which has a fac item that can be worn. gonna bring it to school everyday from now on. go apollo! lets clinch the fac shield again this year!
i guess the only thing which sorta when well was our class stall! i think we are on of the few classes which made good profits. i heard most of the other classes juz barely broke even and their profit margin is NEGLIGIBLE. haha. too bad we didnt have enough time to sell the extra 20 hotdogs that we had left behind. kudos to everyone for pushing/promoting our tarts and hotdogs to other people! now we juz have to wait for woonchee to finish counting the money and we will know how much we have earned =) at least it is comforting to know that all the extra effort and energy spent was well worth the trouble.
ogmgomgomg. as i am typing this entry my eyes are shutting too...argh. damn tired. haha. sorry i didnt go and play pool with you guys today. hope your had fun. XD


It is on our failures that we base a new and different and better success.

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Hi all....

Happy CNY!!!

Really really sad now... I am not going home.. coz its quite far away, and minus transportation time I only have 2 days plus..... So I am stuck in the boarding school until tmr when I go to my aunt's place.......

Also coz of the fac dance.... We lost, but we cant and should not blame anyone for that. I still think Ares won rightfully (they had more ppl, and their dance was very coordinated even when some couldn't dance well). Three Cheers to Ares!!

Well, Apollo fared very good too, especially our spirit and willingness to dance. We even sang the song and danced without PA support =D.... Apollo Kebabah!!! Fac Dance is not all about winning the competition. So long as we are united as one class, one Apollo, one HWACHONG, who really cares about winning?

I really would like to thank all those who stayed up to make the tarts (Kai Xian, Zhi Guang, Jin Xiang, Shu Liang, Peggy, Woon Chee, and Alycia).... I can't believe we actually can come together and work with each other as a class... It has only been 6 weeks, yet we all seem to be bonded so closely... Thank you for making my new year so meaningful... At least, when I'm not with my family, I still have people who are still with me...

Then again, today I had to do some stuff for interact (the sin ming old folks), so I couldn't help out with the stall when I promised... Really sorry... at least I managed to sell 6 sausages in the end.. I heard we did well? By the time I finished, I heard that all the tarts were sold out? You guys really did a great job!!

I would also like to thank Zhi Guang for the mandarin orange and the letter, not to forget Alycia's and Helen's V-Day letter, Ruibin and Qunyuan for the nougats, and 1 more person for the chocolates... I didn't expect to receive so much from you all.. thank you..

Even when we are in a holiday mood now, don't forget the things we have to do... Work on the econs ILP!! And remember, chem lecture test is on the 26th, hope we don't screw it up like the class test. Finish maths tutorial, and study for bio test (5th march)

Mark, Bin Sheng, Kelvin, Yuan Chang are going back to Malaysia for the holidays... Wish u all a safe journey!! As for the rest... take care, and enjoy your CNY holidays!!


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Wednesday, 14 February 2007


how was country today? did apollo win? so sorry i cant go bake tarts tomorrow cause i am having training until 8. as for the hotdogs, bixuan said that we have satay sticks for the hotdogs and i will be bringing a mini oven on friday to heat up the hot dogs. i need the rest to help think of ways to promote and sell our hotdogs and tarts! haha.


A failure is a man who has blundered but is not capable of cashing in on the experience.

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I hope everyone enjoyed today :) It is a very special and nice today for everyone but to some... its a much more meaningful day(i guess).

We need a few people to help Peggy with the tarts! CNY is just 2 more days. I wonder how are we going to cook the hot dogs though? There's also our final fac dance practice tomorrow from 4 to 5.30 outside auditorium. This time we are to bring a jacket(preferably black color) for the unzip part. I asked yun song about the fac jacket and he said it might not be possible for us to get it before the CNY dance so anyone with suitable jackets, bring them on Friday.

Wish all of you a very happy and delightful Valentine's Day.


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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Hi everyone!!

Tomorrow is cross country!! Make sure you all have a good breakfast, and eat some light stuff for lunch!! You dont want to run with a full/empty stomach!!

We all should really give some credit to bin sheng for the class banner.. He did alot of the work by himself... anyway, its completed now!! Yay!

And Friday is the CNY celebrations... I saw some of the rehearsals today, and they were quite impressive. And REMEMBER THE FAC DANCE!! Rehearsals on thursday!! Not to forget mass dances too!! go watch the videos on youtube or from the council website at

Thats all for now... Wish everyone good luck for cross country, CNY stall and banner, and fac dance!!


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Monday, 12 February 2007

hello everyone! shall start with some photos =)

Our dear CT Rep with his eyes closed during MATH Lecture.
Our dear CT Rep with his eyes closed during ECONS Lecture.
Shuliang doing the same thing during econs lecture too. =)
Binsheng doing the lantern during free period (a.k.a math tutorial)
The sticker that TUNGLIN bought from the bookshop for 30 cents.
Seriously, any sticker will do just fine. It looks just as nice. =D
The curse of the Island Creamery sticker MONSTER.
"Yay! I was the one who pasted that sticker. Me! me!"

Today's chem test was a killer!
let us just hope that mr lee will be nice and not count that test. =)

oh, and i feel bad about not helping out with the class CNY banner.
had CO, then saw kelvin and binsheng painting the banner all by themselves. then subsequently yuanchang and kianhong went to help. sorry once again for not being able to help. =(
but the banner is very nice! so kudos to binsheng for coming up with such a nice design. =) =) and all those who helped paint the banner! yay!
oh and i realised we have around 74 posts now.
and our blog is only 23 DAYS (edited) old.
so this makes it like approx. 3 posts per day! wow!
let us maintain this rate of blogging 7E! haha!
okays! that's all from me for now.
zhiguang =D

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